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Step by step install WP Football Odds Plugin:

1. Get the plugin & install:

a) You can download this plugin by clicking here and save it in a custom location or install directly via WordPress plugin interfaces searching “Football Odds” term link.

b) On WordPress go to  Dashboard >> Plugins select Add New.  Select Upload Plugin >> Browse your already saved file and click “Install Now“.


2. Activate this plugin:

You will get a message similar to the oneinstall-4 below and then click Activate Plugin.

Now this plugin is activated, so you may get to the next steps.

3. Configure plugin for first use:


Go to WordPress >> Dashboard Panel it will appear the Football Odds configuration  menu and select Football Odds.

Now it is the time to contact us for enable this plugin.

You need to send an email to where you must specify the site IP address, site URL and a valid contact email for latter updates and modifications.

Your site IP address and the site URL are actually already listed on your website, similar to the image below.

Screenshot - 14.12.2015 - 18:49:47

4. This plugin is enabled and ready to use it!

You will get in a short time an email from us (12-24 hours or even faster sometimes).

Now you are ready to start using the plugin and create a fantastic site.


 Next step – go to configure WP Football Odds Plugin for your first use!