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After the WP Football Odds plugin is enabled, let’s go to your first configuration.

1. Select your desired bookmakers for odds comparison and enable those you want to use simply by  checking the box on the right, after you have entered your affiliate link:

configuration-1You may choose any of the 10 popular online bookmakers, that you want to use. Make sure to  check the affiliate tracking code and click on save button.

Note:  With this free plugin your affiliate codes will be showed 50%-50% with our tracking codes. You may verify in real time the number of clicks on your and our links  in the dedicated section with reports. In this way we are committed to our principles of 100% transparency in our activities.
Please, do not try to modify the plugin in order to alter the links, as that would lead to an immediate cancellation of the plugin usage.

2. Create a valid “shortcode” and place it into page or post:

Go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Football Odds >> Create Shortcode menu. You need to create a valid shortcode  for first odds comparison page or post :

configuration-2Here a wide choice of options and filters but for your first time we suggest to choose the option “Today” .

As you may see on screenshot below if we select only “Today” and clicking on Create Shortcode button will get the following shortcode result:

[ fodds date=”today” cc=”” team=”” limit=”” ]


configuration-3Now you just simply copy the result and paste it wherever you want into a new page or post. See below how such an post would look like.


Check now any of the other shortcode configuration options  – you may choose a specific country, a major competition or a desired team. Feel free to explore all options or check more examples in the Examples menu.